Change of ICIN's Objects


As required by the Charity Commission, ICIN wishes to announce that pursuant to its adoption by Supplemental Deed on 10 June 2014, the objects of the Charity have been amended to read 'The relief of hardship, sickness and distress of Iraqi and other middle eastern Christians through, financial, medical and educational aid'. The name of ICIN and its logo both remain unchanged.



Some of you will know that ICIN recently celebrated its seventh anniversary of its founding and during that period, some £650,000 has been generously donated by its supporters to help the needy Iraqi Christians displaced within Iraq and in the neighbouring countries. Throughout much of those seven years, the suffering of Christians in Iraq has continued as the horror of recent atrocities in Mosul and the Nineveh Plains amply demonstrates. Meanwhile, the Middle East as a whole has also become a hot bed of sectarianism and anarchy resulting in many Christians and others becoming the target of kidnappings, killings and persecution. While the fate of needy Iraqi Christians will always be a cause closest to ICIN’s heart and mind, as responsible Christians, the trustees of ICIN can no longer stand by and do nothing to help our suffering Christian brothers and sisters in some of the other parts of the Middle East. In many ways, it is Christianity itself that is under attack in a part of the world in which it was born and surely we cannot stand idly by and allow that to happen.


To all our supporters, thank you and please continue to help us to better fulfill our obligations.