About Us

ICIN was established to help the needy Iraqi Christians who as a result of the war have been suffering, displaced, destitute and persecuted.

We feel responsible towards our broken brothers and sisters being oppressed for no reason other than their faith. Some are strangers in their own country, others trapped abroad with no money and no help from the international community, facing a bleak future. Some refuges turning to desperate measures, such as selling their organs or even illegal activity to raise money.

The churches inside Iraq and the neighbouring counties are inundated with the displaced, seeking refuge and charity.

Our aim is to help all Iraqi Christians in and outside Iraq in need of support. We aim to raise awareness of their plight and try to reach them through our churches.

We raise money through personal donations as well as various activities such as sponsorship events, social gatherings, church appeals, home parties, sales, etc.

The money raised will go to the most needy until they are able to work, also towards their medical needs and the education of their children.

We intend to do our best with the help of all who feel with us.