Christianity in Iraq

by Dr. Suha Rassam


Dr. Suha Rassam (Trustee of ICIN) - A former assistant professor of medicine at the University of Baghdad, Rassam now lives in Surrey. A Chaldean Catholic, she grew up in Mosul, a city in northern Iraq famed for its monasteries. She attended a primary school run by Dominican nuns and, later, stayed with the Presentation Sisters while studying medicine in Baghdad.


In 2003, whilst visiting Rome and discussing Christianity in Iraq with Journalist Greg Watts, the notion of writing a book about the subject was conceived.

This classic work is now available with fully revised. Few people in the West are aware of Christianity's vibrant past in this region, or of the fact that Christianity has continued to be a significant cultural and religious presence in Iraq right up to the present day. This book helps us explore the ancient heritage while shedding much needed light on the present dire situation for Christians in Iraq, under occupation and transitional rule through to the present day. It is essential reading for all those in the West who are concerned for the future of Iraq and its people.

2nd edition is now out
covering events since 2005 (when the first edition was published)