Activities in Jordan


Jordan Educational Aid Programme

This programme is aimed at helping needy students of refugee families in Jordan who, often, face added difficulties with their studies because of displacement. Presently ICIN supports 60 students a year at different stages of schooling. Regular visits by a member of the Charity to Jordan, periodic reports from the supervisor and the outstanding dedication of Fr Khalil Jaar ensure the programme achieves its target.

Sometimes, ICIN supports the children of parents who, by law, are denied employment. The UNHCR provides them with a monthly allowance barely enough to pay the rent; what remains is often not enough for their sustenance. ICIN and many other charities help such families with food parcels and payment of school fees.

In connection with the above, ICIN has successfully invited donors to sponsor a child’s education in Jordan. This scheme is ongoing and more details may be found on the sponsorship page.

Please click here to view a very encouraging letter of appreciation sent to ICIN supporters by Fr Khalil Jaar, Parish priest of Our Lady of Nazareth in Amman, Jordan.