Activities in Syria


The political unrest in Syria is creating greater uncertainty for the Iraqi refugee community and increasing their vulnerability. ICIN is currently providing financial assistance with the following: 


Damascus Widows Financial Help Programme

 ICIN has been supporting widows and their families for the last five years. The programme organisers in Syria oversee the delivery of a monthly aid to 22 widows (15 in 2012), ensuring that family basic needs are catered for. Counselling and practical advice in various fields is also offered.

ICIN receives a monthly report of specifics and updates of the programme.


Past Projects

Damascus Computer Courses

Graduation - Damascus Computer Course

This program started in March 2009 and ran for almost four years. The duration of each course was six weeks during which students learned basic information technology: MS Windows, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop. At the end of each course, the organisers in Damascus would submit a report to ICIN.

The adult educational courses were a source of hope and means of education to the unemployed. Before the unrest in Syria there were more than 200 students from all denominations enrolled.
The course continued to run but with fewer number of enrolment during 2012 and up to the early part of 2013. It has now stopped completely due the deteriorated situation in Syria.


Damascus Widows Financial Help Programme

ICIN has been supporting widows and their families for the last four years. The programme organisers in Syria oversee delivery of the monthly aid to 15 widows, obtaining signatures, and making sure that the money is spent on the family. They also help by giving counsel and practical advice.


Saydnaya English Language Course

Graduation - Saydnaya English Language CourseThis course started in June 2008 and up to December 2009. Each course lasted three months and there were two levels to start with. Another class for beginners was later added on. At the time, there was about 200 Iraqi Christian refugee families in Saydnaya. Students from all denominations were accepted. All applicants were tested in order to determine their knowledge of the English language. The curriculum was based on books prepared by the British Council.

The number of students enrolled in each course was between 80 and 140.



ICIN sponsored a Children's Camp and Christmas children's parties in Aleppo and Damascus. Also, a grant for food, fuel, parcels, and other emergency necessities was made through Bishops in Syria.



The Projects Committee arranged for a British volunteer (Mr Charlie Walker) to visit Syria and lecture to students undertaking the language course at Saydnaya. This was accomplished at no cost to ICIN. Mr Charlie Walker has kindly provided ICIN with a report of his experience and a copy of this report can be viewed here.