Marka School for Refugee Children

February 18, 2017 at 21:54

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Marka School for Refugee Children -  Jordan



Following the invasion by Daesh (IS) of Mosul and the plains of Nineveh in June 2014, thousands of Iraqi Christian families fled to Jordan to apply for asylum with the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

The estimate of the number of Christian refugees in Jordan has reached twelve thousand and is increasing and given that refugees are not allowed to work, even those of some financial means now find that their resources have dwindled. The situation is critical.

In response to this human tragedy, Fr. Khalil Jaar, Parish Priest of Marka Latin Church in Amman & Director of “Messengers of Peace (MOP)”, opened wide the doors of his church and its grounds to receive, house and provide for these Christian refugees. Fr Khalil and MOP have been involved with assisting Iraqi Christian families since their arrival in Amman in 2014, providing food, accommodation and an education for their children. The following BBC report gives a summary of the situation together with commentary by Fr Khalil and others.

School Education

A few months after arriving in Amman in February 2015, Fr Khalil put in place an informal school program for 350 children between the ages of 6 - 16 years, said programme referred to as “Marka School for Iraqi children”. This was in response to the fact that refugee children are not allowed to enroll at Jordanian state schools and therefore must either join Christian private schools or go without. Given that refugees have neither the financial means to support their children at such private schools nor are there enough such schools in Jordan anyway, the programme quickly became of critical importance. 

ICIN Christmas 2016 Newsletter

December 8, 2016 at 23:17


ICIN Christmas 2016 Newsletter


Christmas Greetings
In a few weeks, we will be celebrating the birth of Our Lord and we take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you and your families a blessed Christmas and a happy & healthy 2017. We thank you for the care, support and love you have shown to those in need. Let us also not forget in our prayers those who face uncertainty, sickness or poverty.
And as we approach the start of 2017, we look forward to continuing our work in helping those in need and to celebrating ICIN’s ten-year anniversary. 2017 will host several major events to commemorate this achievement including, among others, a Gala Dinner and Dance in May and A Christmas Celebration in December. More details will follow.


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When love and courage meet, the Lord makes miracles


+ Mgr Yousif Thomas
Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk and Suleimaniya

On the night of Thursday to Friday October 20th to 21st many jihadists  from the ISIS tried to enter the official buildings of the town hall and police stations as well as security centres in Kirkuk.  Faced with heavy resistance and retaliation from the security forces they tried to escape and headed for the surrounding buildings choosing the Dominican sisters' convent and the houses rented by the Chaldean bishop to host immigrant students who had fled their homes following the invasion of ISIS in 2014. These students are of all faiths: Christians, Muslims, Yazidis, Mandeans, in all, more than 500 students at present.

In total, there were 71 students  there on that night. They were about to start their academic year and were under the responsibility of Mr. Imad Matti (Abu Durayd) when ISIS burst into these places. Mr Imad tells us in details what happened:

The young girls realised that the jihadists were invading at three o'clock in the morning on Friday. These terrorists had climbed the walls of the houses and reached the garden shouting "Allah Akbar". The students took photos of them and noticed that they were not only armed but also equipped with explosive belts around their waists. The security forces were aware of the seriousness of the situation and these girls had to remain 24 hours without electricity trembling,  in total fear. After that, heavy fighting and shootings took place but without being able to make the terrorists surrender.  So a plan was adopted to make everything possible to save the 14 students lodging in the first house. The security forces succeeded in saving them despite the continuous firing from the Jihadists during the whole operation.


An Appeal to your Generosity

October 18, 2016 at 20:56

October 2016


An appeal to your generosity

Dear ICIN friend and supporter,

As you all know, the situation of our fellow Christians remains critical. Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil recently described the desperation for help of Iraqi Christian refugees and the internally displaced as largely ignored by the outside world and western-backed Iraqi Government. The impending attack to free Mosul from the hands of Daesh will undoubtedly cause further suffering and ICIN will need your support more than ever to ensure that it does not become a helpless watcher from the side-lines.  Though small, ICIN has developed effective networks and is well connected on the ground. Our on-going financial aid to the medical clinics of Erbil (£73,300 donated by ICIN in 2015/16) must continue as the needs of the injured, be they Christians, Muslims or Yezidis, will grow. The influx of refugees into Jordan is likely to increase, placing an even greater demand on resources needed to house and sustain them (£23,400 donated in 2015/16). The educational needs of the sons and daughters of refugees being taught privately at schools in Amman (£47,640 donated in 2015/16), in Baghdad (£22,500 in 2015/16) and in Kirkuk University (£25,350 in 2015/16) will become greater. For those already displaced in Erbil, let’s also not forget the cost of their basic housing (£22,000 donated to Al Karma in 2015/16).

Please help ICIN to do whatever it can to relieve the suffering of all those persecuted and to keep the flame of Christianity burning in Iraq and the region. Please be generous in your donations to ICIN and for those not already doing so, please consider donating by standing order as it better allows ICIN to budget its financial commitment to its various projects. A standing order form and gift-aid form may be found on our donate page. If you do not wish to donate by standing order, then please make an online donation or send cheque to the Charity’s address at 43 Queen’s Drive, Thames Ditton, KT7 0TJ.


Posted: 21 December 2015


Prince Charles: The greatest Challenge we face is how to make sure that the spiritual and cultural heritage of Christianity in the Middle East is preserved for future generations.


Prince Charles was speaking at an Advent reception hosted by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, last Thursday for members of various Iraqi, and other Middle-Eastern Christian denominations including Iraqi Chaldean, Syriac Catholic and Orthodox communities, as well as representatives from the Armenian, Maronite, Melkite and Coptic churches.

Thank You for Attending Ziryab Fashion Show

September 23, 2016 at 23:39

Many thanks go to ICIN supporters who attended  Ziryab Fashion Show on Thursday 15th September.  

Organised to meet with Lonodn Fashion Week, the show was an extensive display of international designs which saw the sheer talent and indulgence of middle eastern fashion.  Fashion Show 1.png

Deep appreciation is extended to Mrs Najat Bakki, one of the participating designers, for nominating ICIN as one of the three named charities at the show, with proceeds through ticket sales of £1,070 donated to ICIN.

Well done Najat and we thank you for your continuous support.



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The hostel’s mission is to give support and hope to the marginalised and those suffering from a disability, providing a free service regardless of race, religion or sect.


History :

The seed for Bait Anya Hostel for the sick and marginalised was sown in 1994, when a group of young men and women realised their vocation in sympathy with hospital patients and formed the "Love is Giving" mission.  “Solidarity with the sick and the discarded” became the slogan under which they would visit hospital patients, especially those who had no family, to give support and help recover their dignity.  The mission work expanded to include the poorest areas in Baghdad.

During the first six years, the mission came across cases of women on the brink of homelessness due to their disability and lack of finances. The serious cases of four women in particular initiated the idea of Bait Anya Hostel; a free of charge shelter.  Bait Anya 14a.jpg

The money to rent a house for one year for this purpose was raised, and on its opening day, 1 May 2000, under the blessing of the diocese of Catholic Syriac church in Baghdad,  the hostel received the four women, providing them with accommodation, food, and health care.  The hostel was officially licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and by the end the year, the number of guests grew to 25. 

ICIN continues its effort to support the two medical clinics for the Internally Disposed People (IDP) in Erbil. Please see our January report below) .  Mar Shmoni Clinic 23 (300x300).jpg

The St Joseph clinic in Ankawa is the only centre in the province of Erbil that dispense chronic medications for IDPs on monthly basis. However, due to limited financial resources and the high cost of prescribed medicine locally, the clinic cannot provide medication for all 4500 chronic disease patients. The current registered number of people receiving treatment is 2200, which is the number of patients the clinic can currently provide for.  

Please help us to make the clinics carry on their work and to enable them to take on more patients.


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Clinic of St Joseph on Montazah street in Ankawa which opened on October 31, 2014



Carl Bahoshy’s organ and piano concert at St Cuthbert’s was enjoyed by many and raised £1860 for our charity.

ICIN is most grateful to the sponsors of the event, James and Geraldine Battie for their support and generosity. 


Below is an extract from the Doveridge Parish News, June 2016

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