An Appeal to your Generosity

October 2016


An appeal to your generosity

Dear ICIN friend and supporter,

As you all know, the situation of our fellow Christians remains critical. Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil recently described the desperation for help of Iraqi Christian refugees and the internally displaced as largely ignored by the outside world and western-backed Iraqi Government. The impending attack to free Mosul from the hands of Daesh will undoubtedly cause further suffering and ICIN will need your support more than ever to ensure that it does not become a helpless watcher from the side-lines.  Though small, ICIN has developed effective networks and is well connected on the ground. Our on-going financial aid to the medical clinics of Erbil (£73,300 donated by ICIN in 2015/16) must continue as the needs of the injured, be they Christians, Muslims or Yezidis, will grow. The influx of refugees into Jordan is likely to increase, placing an even greater demand on resources needed to house and sustain them (£23,400 donated in 2015/16). The educational needs of the sons and daughters of refugees being taught privately at schools in Amman (£47,640 donated in 2015/16), in Baghdad (£22,500 in 2015/16) and in Kirkuk University (£25,350 in 2015/16) will become greater. For those already displaced in Erbil, let’s also not forget the cost of their basic housing (£22,000 donated to Al Karma in 2015/16).

Please help ICIN to do whatever it can to relieve the suffering of all those persecuted and to keep the flame of Christianity burning in Iraq and the region. Please be generous in your donations to ICIN and for those not already doing so, please consider donating by standing order as it better allows ICIN to budget its financial commitment to its various projects. A standing order form and gift-aid form may be found on our donate page. If you do not wish to donate by standing order, then please make an online donation or send cheque to the Charity’s address at 43 Queen’s Drive, Thames Ditton, KT7 0TJ.

Whatever you decide to do, please do not ignore this appeal.
Without your continued and generous support, ICIN will be unable to help. 
God bless you and your families.