Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings from ICIN



First of all, thank you for your attendance and support at ICIN’s recent event, A Christmas Celebration, held at Ealing Abbey on 28th November 2015. ICIN had the highest attendance of any of its events, approaching 300 people, and managed to raise a record sum in the region of £26,000. We were most fortunate to have with us Fr. Khalil Jaar from Amman, Jordan.  His work for the Iraqi Christian refugee families and children in Amman is most inspiring. More will be said about that in future and about the work of Fr. Khalil that ICIN is actively involved with.

2016 is almost upon us and several ICIN events are already being considered for next year including a boat trip, a “ICIN’s Got Talent” show and Charity Lunches.

If any of you are able and willing to play a part in these or any other event you wish to propose, then please do NOT wait to be asked but offer your help by talking to any of us at ICIN. All ideas are welcome and we will do our utmost to help in whatever way we can and please remember that your feedback on these events is always invaluable and helps us do better on future occasions.

And finally, all of us at ICIN wish you and your loved ones a happy and blessed Christmas and our best wishes for your good health and prosperity in 2016.

God bless you for your generosity and your care for those in need in our homeland and the region.