ICIN Christmas 2016 Newsletter


ICIN Christmas 2016 Newsletter


Christmas Greetings
In a few weeks, we will be celebrating the birth of Our Lord and we take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you and your families a blessed Christmas and a happy & healthy 2017. We thank you for the care, support and love you have shown to those in need. Let us also not forget in our prayers those who face uncertainty, sickness or poverty.
And as we approach the start of 2017, we look forward to continuing our work in helping those in need and to celebrating ICIN’s ten-year anniversary. 2017 will host several major events to commemorate this achievement including, among others, a Gala Dinner and Dance in May and A Christmas Celebration in December. More details will follow.

ICIN Luncheon at Bella Italia
The event at Bella Italia on 23rd November raised almost £5,000 through your attendance and generous support. ICIN was less pleased with the restaurant on this occasion and has relayed back some of your views. Thank you for your understanding and continuing support; indeed, to have some 70 friends share a meal together especially to benefit those less fortunate is always enjoyable and we look forward to other luncheons in 2017. Should any of you wish to help ICIN by organising similar events, then please to let us know – you would be welcomed with open arms!

Appeal Progress
Since our Appeal of mid October, donations to the charity from some of you have been steadily coming in proving that, yet again, your generosity and commitment to your brothers and sisters in Iraq and Jordan remain as staunch as ever.
The total raised so far amounts to almost £15,000 for which ICIN is most grateful. Furthermore, your charity’s council members continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness of ICIN and its important work of helping the needy among UK trusts and charitable organisations generally and, in that regard, we are delighted that so far £12,500 have been raised from these sources.
At this time when the situation of our fellow Christians in Iraq is fast moving, we are heartened to see, for example, the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Sienna return to what's left of their homes in Qaraqosh
[1] and we would encourage you to view the clip mentioned below.
Let us remind ourselves where ICIN’s donation monies go. Below are aid payments made (in US$) for the last 9 months to end of 2016:


*  $16,000  - Care for the infirm, the orphaned and the abandoned refugees
                      in Erbil by Mahabba & Farah Group and the Myrrh Bearers Fraternity      
*  $16,000  - Assist with students’ education in Baghdad who otherwise go without   
*  $20,000  - Bait Anya Hostel for the destitute in Baghdad                                       
*  $30,000  - Rents for Al-Karma housing for refugees in Erbil                                   
*  $24,000  - Student support of Christian school children in Amman, Jordan             
*  $10,000  - Refugee relief aid to those Christians fleeing to Jordan                        
*  $18,000  - Medical clinics in Erbil for all with medical and healthcare needs           
*  $10,000  - Emergency Surgical treatment for refugees in Erbil                              
*  $24,000   - Assist Erbil Refugee students who need to attend University of Kirkuk   


Without your generous support, ICIN will be forced to drastically cut back its aid programme at a time when needs are at their greatest.
Please help us by completing a standing order be it monthly, quarterly or annually as it better allows ICIN to budget and remember that standing orders may be cancelled at any time should you wish to do so. A standing order form and gift-aid form may be found on our donate page. If you do not wish to donate by standing order, then please make an online donation or send cheque to the Charity’s address at 43 Queen’s Drive, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0TJ.
If appropriate, please also remember to gift-aid your donations. In the year to 31 March 2016, ICIN received almost £24,000 from HMRC due to gift-aid qualifying donations.
God bless and have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2017.


[1]   Please visit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0X6Pw_PvjB4  for a very moving clip