ICIN’s Christmas Celebration 2015: A Special Night

ICIN started the blessed season with its third, hugely popular bi-annual Christmas Celebration, held in Ealing Abbey on 28th November. The event was attended by almost 300 people.

This year, the programme included both Aramaic and Arabic music, as well as the traditional English performance. The resulting blend of languages and music styles celebrating the birth of our Lord was profound and joyful, and we are grateful to all the Iraqi Catholic church participants for their addition.

We were also fortunate to have Fr. Khalil Jaar from Amman, Jordan in attendance.  Fr. Jaar’s work for the Iraqi Christian refugee families and the education of their children is most inspiring and he shared a few words with us, reflecting on the faith of these families, their witness to Christ and how their presence has evoked a revival in the Church in Jordan and neighbouring countries. 

Without the meticulous planning and guidance of Mr Joe Bahoshy however, who dedicated months of hard work and training, and coordinated the various performers, this event wouldn’t have happened. Thank you Joe, and we look forward to the next Christmas Concert in 2017!

ICIN is very appreciative of the dedication shown by the musicians, readers, Pafties and everyone else, who, in different ways, supported the event and contributed to its success.

Your generosity raised a record sum of nearly £26,000. 


For the programme and your favourite carols, click below:

Full programme and list of participants

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Silent Night