Iraqi Refugees in Jordan: A Report

The latest records show that approximately 12,000 Iraqis have fled to Jordan in the last year only. Among them, an estimated 2,500 have been accommodated in Marka & Hashemi by local churches including Marka Latin Church. Amman church 1.jpg

In addition to the Student Programme for the Iraqi children in Jordan which ICIN have been supporting since 2008, we are now participating in helping some of the displaced families.

In addition to provide shelter, food and health care, activities for the refugees include educational and spiritual programmes.  For a full report on the activities held in Marka's Latin monastery for the Iraqi refugees, click below.

The-N-word-activities-in-marka - Part 1.pdf

The-N-word-activities-in-marka - Part 2.pdf 

The-N-word-activities-in-marka - Part 3.pdf

The-N-word-activities-in-marka -  Part 4.pdf