A Year After the Occupation of Mosul

On the anniversary of the invasion of Mosul (9th of June) Raphael Sako, the Chaldean Patriarch, urged Iraqi politicians to reconcile and make concessions to establish peace and stability.


"A year after the tragedy of Mosul, We turn towards our beloved people to tell them that we join them in prayer and in the hope of a close salvation and a rapid return to home, because it is the land of our fathers and grandfathers, our history and our memories.

We repeat our appeal to the international community and the religious authorities for a serious work to contain the crisis, humanly and politically. If the situation continues as it is now, then we're going to the worst. Unemployment and poverty, displacement, death and destruction are almost everywhere! 

We also urge the Iraqi politicians to realize a real reconciliation and a radically political reform because with reconciliation we’re all winners, and there is no loser, but the devil, as we say. 

Reconciliation means to take the responsibility wholeheartedly, wisely with a vision and to make concessions to establish peace, stability and prosperity of the country. 

Let us reconcile so as to prevent killing one more Iraqi because of his religion or doctrine, language or gender. 
Let us reconcile so as not to let one more child die because of hunger, thirst and loss of medication. 
Let us reconcile so as to prevent the displacement of one more Iraqi family and be dispersed. 
Let us reconcile so as to prevent the humiliation, violence, or captivity of an Iraqi woman. 

As a church, we strive to do our humanitarian and spiritual mission to serve the displaced people internally and externally and encourage them and raise their morale and immunize them against the big challenges.

A miracle, certainly can only be accomplished by GOD, to subside the waves and silence the storm. Amen. 

+ Louis Raphael I Sako"


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